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Student Job - English Speaking (Leuven)

Hello! I am a new masters student in Leuven, BE coming from the US. I am in the process to get a Work Permit C, but I am having trouble finding a company that will allow me to work for them.

The reasoning is that I only have basic knowledge of French and Dutch. I can always work in the cafes and restaurants, but I am looking for more of a challenge and something more appeasing to my resume when I am finished with my studies.

Any suggestions on where to check that will allow an only English speaking person to grow in their company? Don't get me wrong, I am still learning Dutch at the moment, but for a company that is not good enough, so English it is!

A little background - I graduated with a degree in Business Administration and International Management so something in the field of a MNC or administration work is what I am into.

Thanks for the help!

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