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Newly created English school, please help! (Libreville)

Hi there all, please help!

I am a Gabonese/British Mum of 4 British children, I came to Gabon with my little ones in Jan Protected content . Just like many expat parents, it has been very hard to find a school for them, I mean an English school with affordable school fees. At one stage I wanted to go back to the UK, but I really didn't want to discourage myself too quickly. After two years of struggle, I finally decided to open a school for English speaking children with reasonable school fees.

It is a school I built with my own finances. For the moment it has 4 classes, 2 toilets, a water fountain and a balcony, there is plenty of space left for the building of other classes. It is an attractive little building located in a quiet and safe area in Owendo, the croassroad just after Sobraga (the Gabonese brewerage company). I know it is a bit far but it is the only place I could buy a land at a good price.
The school's now open and in spite of advertising (banners, flyers, zoom), there is still no child attending the school. The only children I have in the school are my own kids, they are taught by two teachers. I am also looking for a British or expat English speaking teacher. But if I can't get children to my school, how I am going to pay the teachers?
The only people who are calling me are francophones asking for English classes. I haven't managed to reach the targeted people. I am just about to create a facebook page for the school.
Is there someone out there who can help? How can I get English speaking children to my school?
Thanks in advance.

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