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Amazon Recovery Project (Lima)

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends

I am Matthias Volkmar VARGA, 55 years old, German, married since 20 years to my Peruvian wife Soledad and we have three children together. Since June Protected content are living (again) in Peru.

In Protected content arrived first time at Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios, Peru. In this time I introduced a project helping the gold prospectors to protect themselves and the environment using a “device” called potato retort – a simple and inexpensive way to separate the mercury from the gold. This way the mercury vapor was concentrated in the half of a potato and could be recovered/recycled reducing in a considerable way contamination of nature and the miners themselves. In those times, though, there were a lot of small miners who didn’t damage the rainforest “too much”. They were working manually with wheelbarrows, shovels and a wooden sluice. There were few dredges on the river and only few motorized mining operations on land.

Nowadays it’s a completely different picture: please see Protected content

After having had a small glimpse on the above Facebook page you will understand, why I am starting up a project called „Amazonas Recovery Project“. There are now more than Protected content miles (or Protected content kilometers) of completely destroyed rainforest only in the Guacamayo area (approx. 66 miles west of Puerto Maldonado) and this happened in the past three years.

Please have a look on this videos: DEVASTATION at La Pampa ( Protected content , English subtitles) TEENAGE PROSTITUTION ( Protected content , partly English subtitles, mentioning forced prostitution of girls up to 12 years !!!) and the destruction at HUAYPETUE ( Protected content ).

The aim of the project is to repair damages filling the holes left behind by the miners, reforest the area with natural and local pioneer plants like the balsawood tree (ochroma pyramidale) and help nature to recover from this nightmare itself. However, this whole story will start over and over again if the people who live of the mining trade (more than 300,000 persons alone in Madre de Dios) are not given alternatives for creating a reasonable income. So, reparation of past damages is one aim and prevention of future damages is another. This is planned to be achieved with instruction (vocational trainings) for men and women, promoting environmental awareness in schools, universities and at local authorities plus the setup of a training center which creates access to international markets providing language training (English/German/Chinese) and other hard skills like internet and email marketing, social media presence and other means of promotion of the locally produced goods. Creating this options we hope de decrease not only the mining activity but also teenage prostitution, drug consumption, crime propagation and help people to look into a brighter future producing products like fruits, vegetables, meat and many, many other amazon products not only for own or local consumption but also for export, putting that way the seed for small food and beverage or other industries.

However, it’s not a registered NGO or non-profit organization yet. In order to become one, we have to constitute the NGO organization at an official registrar office and show up with an office (for contact details), official representants, a designated bank account, setup a website etc. This takes a considerable amount of time and money. We would need an office in Lima, one in Puerto Maldonado and a base camp at “La Pampa”, which is the first center of destruction to attend.

In the second stage I would like to set up accommodation for international volunteers and interns who would help in the environment recovery and conservation section, as marketing specialists & media advisors (fundraising), editors, webmasters, vocational instructors/trainers and English teachers. Therefore we would have to set up an own small Spanish school for the volunteers and interns. In the third stage we would like to purchase the necessary machinery to perform the ground movement works faster, transportation (land and water) and so on.

This is only the top of the iceberg, as after La Pampa (see the Facebook page and video above) there is another vast area called Huaypetue (approx. 122,5 square miles or Protected content kilometers) , which is being destroyed since more than 20 years and many others more like Boca Colorado, Boca Inambari, Bajo Madre de Dios, Playa 28, Tres Islas, Diamante. In fact it’s a project for lifetime. All in all there are more than Protected content miles to be recovered right now.

In this moment I need to raise the necessary funds for the constitution of this non-profit institution and the rental/implementation of the offices in Lima and Puerto Maldonado. I need to travel for two weeks to Pucallpa in order to obtain special knowledge about the pioneer plant recovery system (Eng. MSc Oscar Barreto, University of Pucallpa). After this I need to travel for approx. two months to Puerto Maldonado in order to set up the office, the base camp close to La Pampa and establish the necessary network with the relevant businesses, professionals and local authorities including indigenous communities. Considering all the administrative expenses, monthly rents, cheap furniture and PC’s, telecommunication equipment, travel expenditure and costs for the permanent manning of the two offices I have calculated an amount of approx. US$ 70,000 for the setup and running for the first 6 months. After this the fundraising activities with platforms like, and others will produce a monthly supply with the necessary funds for the running and growth of the project.

To the comfort and attention of the rightful interest of the donors to declare their contributions to their national tax authorities, my non-profit NGO must be a certified nonprofit institution (i.e. registered as Protected content in the United States) to make sure that the financial authorities agree to consider the amount of the donation as income reducing and lead to a tax return. This is especially important to those who contribute to projects in South America. For this we need to establish an office in the United States and we would have to register all over the world as we target fund raising in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Arabic countries, as well. Any suggestions or helpful hints?

In order to reach more people this publication needs to be boosted. Please assist with the boosting of my publication in FACEBOOK ( Protected content ) contributing a small amount (from € 18. Protected content the promotion of this project. For more info see: Protected content

I thank you very much in advance for your efforts and help in this matter.
With best regards,
Matthias Volkmar Varga

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