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Use as a nutritional supplement, or to treat a particular ailment. Self diagnose from the list below, or free advice available from an Ayurvedic doctor to determine the best course of treatment. No GMOs, no pesticides. Product of India, produced for UK and Europe under USDA standards. 60 CAPSULES, 50/S.

Packaged to order in Arequipa, guaranteed delivery

BHRINGARAJA BATI : Hair growth, anti-ageing, rejuvenates all tissues; bones, skin, eyesight, hearing, skin allergies, hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver detox, sharpens intellect and memory. Balances the 3 doshas.

ASHWAGANDHA: Indian Ginseng, ‘Gives the vitality of a horse.’ One of the most highly regarded and commonly used Ayurvedic medicines. Promotes sound sleep, vital energy and virility. Develops muscle and bone. For nervous exhaustion, stress, problems of old age, overwork, insomnia, loss of memory, rheumatism, skin problems, infertility. Calms the vata dosha. A great tonic for men.

SHATAVARI: The primary Ayurvedic herb for female rejuvenation and beauty, reproductive system and sexual organs. Balances female hormones, cystitis, women in the menopause and after hysterectomy. Pitta type allergies, cancer, purifies the blood, soothes the digestive system. Increases breast milk and production of semen. Used to balance pitta and vata doshas.

BRAHMI: For the nervous system, and to remove ‘bad moods’. Rejuvenates, blood purification, anti-ageing, increases the memory and intellect, weight loss, hair loss, chronic skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Regulates the whole body, tridosha and nourishes the 7th chakra, for meditation.

GUDUCHI, ‘Amrit Nectar’: For convalescent patients, rejuvenation, rheumatism, diabetes, AIDS, arthritis, gout, skin diseases, hemorrhoids, fortifies immune system, increases positive energy in debilitating conditions. Reduces fevers, malaria.

GURMAR: Diabetes, kidney stones, enlargement of the liver or spleen, soothes the pancreas, and reduces sugar dependency. Very useful during the onset of diabetes. Helps to reduce the desire for tobacco and alcohol.

AMALAKI: Stops weight gain due to lazy digestion, flus, asthma, gum disease, acidity, anemia, liver diseases, laryngitis, bronchitis, tonsillitis, respiratory infections, ulcers, skin disorders, gastrointestinal infections, blood pressure, high cholesterol. Regulates and increases energy and rejuvenates. One Amalaki fruit contains 20 times more Vit C than an orange.

GOKSHURA: Difficult or painful urination, prostatitis, oedema, kidney or bladder stones, chronic cystitis, nephritis, gout, rheumatism, lumbago, sciatica, impotence, infertility, seminal debility, venereal diseases, hemorrhoids, diabetes, strengthens kidney function.

TRIPHALA: Balances the 3 doshas. Improves digestion, purifies the blood and liver, reduces cholesterol, high blood pressure, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome. Stops mental confusion due to toxins in the body.

NEEM: Skin diseases, acne, tumors, fevers, mosquito bites, arthritis, obesity, rheumatism, jaundice, strong blood purifier, diseases caused by tissue deficiency.

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