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Best Spanish schoos for expats and students (Lima)

Hi everybody,

who comes to Peru or South America in general, should try his/her best to learn the language fast. I met a lot of people who live since 5 or even more years in Peru and don't speak any or speak hardly Spanish. In first instance it's kind of a lack of respect refusing to learn the language of ones host country, especially if it's for a long time; on the other hand, of course, it's not only quite useful ... it's rather essential to speak Spanish here in South America.

We run a language academy in Chiclayo Pimentel and have sister schools in Cusco and Quito, Ecuador. Too, we offer Travelling Classrooms for those who prefer coming around and do not want to stay in the nights at hostels and during the day in static class rooms.

Have a look on our website Protected content and you will see, what it's all about. Apart of expats it's THE place for volunteers, internship candidates, scholarship candidates and many professionals to learn the specific Spanish for their needs, And that for very affordable prices. Have a look. We hope to see you soon!

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