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Children Flea Market (Lima)

Dear Moms and Dads,

Last year I organized with my son a Fleah Market. Was a total success! This year we are planning to invite children that would like to sell things that are in a good condition like: Books, bikes,balls, toys, films, skates...

I think is a good way to teach them the value of things, give an example to other children and share the things that they appreciate it in the past.

Our fleah market will be on the 20th until the 23rd from 3PM to 6PM

If any parent will like to help, welcome! Just bring a table or a blanket a list of the things that your kids would like to sell.

At the moment 8 kids are on the list. If your children are interested, please send me an email: Protected content

If anyone would like to pass by, we will have books (Spanish and English) films, toys at really good price!

Our address is: Justo Vigil 400, one block from the Cricket club, one block from Javier Prado Oeste (8th St)

PD: Is a free event! If your kid is happy to do it is enough!

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