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For the Chistmas Party at The American Embassy (Lima)


Just some reminders before Friday: WEAR A RED SHIRT.

Non badge members please start arriving in front of the Embassy at 7:30 am. Go to the tables and someone will check you in . You will receive your Santa hat after you sign in. I apologize in advance. The line will be long and the security check will be tedious. So please bring few personnel items as possible. Remember to bring the same identification that you gave me. Example if you sent me your DNI number then bring your DNI card. If you sent me your passport number then bring your passport. Remember there is no secure place to put your purses so plan accordingly. Go through security and afterwards someone will direct you to the soccer field.

Badge members please start arriving at the table in front of the soccer field at 8:40 am and sign in. Don't forget to get your Santa hat.

Free coffee is being offered however, I suspect that it will run out early. Please remember it is first come, first serve. However, the commissary will have Bagels (both regular size and mini), cinnamon rolls, and empanadas for sale – prices will range from S/. 3.00 to S/. 5.00 depending on the product.

As discussed in our meeting, right before the kids come you will line up in two rows and welcome the kids off the bus. The kids will walk in between the two rows. Each volunteer will have a single child. Some high energy children will have two volunteers. This will be determined on the spot by the two volunteer coordinators. Escort the children around and when it is time for the entertainment, escort the child to their marked school section. Please provide them lunch, clean up after them and prepare for their departure. Volunteers will keep their kids at the sitting area until their bus arrives. Please, if you see that you need help, have issues or have any questions during this event contact an Elf, the two volunteer coordinators or Monica, who is chairing this event.

Notes: The children will not be allowed on any playground equipment.

Last, have fun and have patience. I will not be at this event so I am wishing you all luck and a BIG thank you! Also, I apologize in advance if I have made any mistakes.

Below are the assignments. If your name is not below then you will be escorting a child.


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