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Forró de Lima? :)


Dear all,

I want to ask if someone knows where to dance forró in Lima? I didn´t know this music until I came to Europe (funny eh?) and now I like it a lot and I usually dance every Sunday. I will go back to Lima in few weeks and I would like to dance while I am there. Does anyone have any information about it?

And if there is no place where to dance, is someone interested to meet and dance forró? Since it is summer we can start dancing in any park or close to the beach :) who knows this Music? and most important: Who knows to dance it? We need some people with some knowledge so we can share some time together. I will be in one month in Lima so if anyone is interested send a message.

Here some videos from Stuttgart: Protected content
and you will find more if you click Forró de Domingo Festival Protected content Protected content
and some from my favorite bands:
- Falamansa: Protected content ,
- Bicho de Pe: Protected content :)
All the best and enjoy the Christmas season and New Year in wonderful Peru :)

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