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Getting married in Peru - wife name change? (Lima)

Quick question to those of you who got married here in Peru to a Peruvian woman. I understand that it's standard practice for the wife-to-be to keep her maternal and paternal surnames and then add a "de" before the husband's surname. So, in effect, a Peruvian wife would be Mrs "paternal surname" "maternal surname" de "husband's surname".

Is there any way around this? I am going to get married next May and we'll then head over to the UK where it is obviously common practice for the woman to take the guy's name. We'd both rather she just became Mrs "my surname" and have all of our documents in both countries reflect this. What would be the alternative? Go to the UK and have her name changed by deed pole and then changed on our next visit to Peru?

Thanks for any help anyone can give!



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