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Hike to Lomas de Lucumo and temple of Pachacamac (Lima)

Full day activity Saturday August 15th

Season hills in Lima already started and we are preparing a Getaway of Lima, a full day trip to Lomas de Lucumo inside Lurin´s valley and Pachacamac arqueological site.
Lomas de Lucumo is a very rare ecosystem that survives in the dry desert of Lima, it has 2 seasons: dry and wet, we will visit during wet season where all is green and humid; from the highest part we will be able to see the contrast of the desert and the green hills. The hike is about 3 hrs., after Lomas de Lucumo we will make a stop and Visit The temple of Pachacamac, a beautiful city made by mud bricks, a religious site for the veneration of the Pacha Kamaq, the creator god.
After our 2 visits we will make a stop in Pachacamac for lunch.
Get your boots ready

For more details the full info is posted inside Internations Hiking Group.

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