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Hiram Bingham Train Cusco (Lima)

Hi Everyone!

Has anyone tried taking the Hiram Bingham Train in Cusco?? Can you please share your experience? I am contemplating which one is better? Cusco to Macchu Picchu or MP to Cusco... My plan was to experience staying at one of the PODS at the Sky Lodge in Calca Cliffs. However, I am going to be picked up in Cusco by the lodge and have a choice of being dropped off back in Cusco or to Sacred Valley. I was thinking to de dropped off to Sacred Valley then take a taxi to Machu Picchu. My concern is more on the experience if it is better to take the train from Cusco since it departs at 5:30PM or take it from Machu Picchu which departs at 7AM... Is the experience different or all the same? Is it just different food selections since one is dinner and the other is breakfast... ??

Thank you for your help!

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