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Integration of new devices to ERP software (Lima)

Hi everyone,

My company is looking to buy some new time recorder/punch clock devices to record the attendance, lunch breaks, etc. of our staff. Moreover, we need to integrate these new devices to our ERP software so that such data is uploaded to it (and to our database as a result).

The devices need to be programmable since we need to record the hours under different categories (overtime, sick leave , vacation, etc). These categories already have a corresponding letter code assigned to them in the ERP software. So, the challenge is to have a time recorder device that will allows us to upload the hours to the ERP software under each corresponding letter code.

If anyone has experience with such implementation or knows someone who does, please contact me ASAP. Send me a message with your phone number or leave your email in the comments section below and I will send you mine.

Thank you,

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