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International volunteering programs (Lima)

Hello Internations community,

AIESEC, founded in Protected content , is an NGO recognized by UNESCO as the world's largest youth organization. The Peruvian chapter of the organization, AIESEC Peru, is currently offering international volunteering programs for foreign university students. The students bring language skills, international insights and experiences, problem-solving skills and much more.

The volunteering programs seek to make a positive impact on the Peruvian society and on the lives of the foreign students. The programs and projects being offered at the moment are:

Impacta Hoy: It seeks to provide Peruvian children and teenagers with theoretical and practical tools so that they become change agents in their communities. The volunteers encourage the children and teenagers to take a look at their reality in search of solutions to the problems and issues in their communities.

Raise Your Voice: This program is design to help Peruvian children to develop their identity, set personal goals, motivate them to continue with their education and become better citizens. In that sense, this project is the perfect complement to the education children receive at school.

Let’s Impact: The project first seeks to work side by side with an organization to provide a diagnostic of the administrative activities and processes run by the organization. Then, the foreign students prepare a proposal with innovative ideas, recommendations, solutions and ways to improve the weak spots found in the organization.

AIESEC Peru is looking forward to further discuss the details of each program and see what program would work best for your organization. If interested, please, send me a message with your name, phone number, position and your organization´s contact information and we´ll get back to you shortly to schedule a meeting.

Thank you.

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