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Internship in Germany (Lima)

Hey there,

my peruvian girlfriend wants to do her internship in Germany and I have hoped you might be ablte to help us.

In order to do her internship she has to be enrolled in an university. For various reasons it will be too diffcult to matriculate in german universities (lack of time, etc.)
She will finish her study in Lima next months and her director told her she could enroll herself in a course of 8 months (She is in an institute that only has one program so therefor she can only matriculate in other courses but not in other programs)

My question is: Will it be sufficient to be enrolled in a course? Does anyone here has experience withs partners/friends from a country outside the EU that has done an internship in Germany and can provide me with information that will help us? I have been talking to the DAAD (german organization), the ZAV (an organisation close to the "Bundesagentur für Arbeit") and I have been reading quit a lot on the internet without any success.

So if anyone has had experience in this area and might be able to help me please do so! It seems really hard for her to get a working-visa in order to do her internship.

Thanks a lot in advance and sorry for writing this much.

Y'all have a good night :)



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