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La Pura Springs! (Premium glacial spring water) (Lima)

Hi everyone!
We are implementing a home delivery program for the water in Lima.
By purchasing the home delivery package, you will be able to purchase the water at the lowest possible price. Delivery is free!

Please contact me directly at Protected content for the quote and e-brochure of the product!

Please visit Protected content for more information about the water.

When I first started this company, many businessmen have advised me to produce a 'luxury' product made of heavy glass and expensive packaging. However, I have lived in Peru for two years as my father had been a diplomat from Korea. During those years, I had learned from various different people such a teacher from Roosevelt High (who is now a head of research team at Harvard), UN scientists, and others with various expertise that water in Peru are not safe to drink in the long run. It was only a few years ago that Agua de Mesa was banned from sales, but to my surprise, I found that the company had been selling their water under different brands.The point of the story here is that I understand that the country lacks options for affordable, trustworthy water. (And I'm not talking about purified tap water from mega-corporations). That is why I made the decision to reduce the cost of the water as much as possible, and make it affordable worldwide.

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