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Mythology Self-Study (Lima)

We had a great first meet. For any others who are interested in joining this is the plan.

As decided:
1. We will meet on alternate Sundays at 4pm at the lighthouse at the Malecon Cisnero.
2. The first book we will read is "Myth: A very short introduction to myths - Robert A Segal". This book is available on Kindle.
a. Each person needs to read a minimum of one chapter. You select the one you want to read. In the next session you can share - your understanding, the ideas that this chapter generated in you, any application of the idea(s) in the chapter in your current life or in a story you read or in a movie you saw etc.
3. Please share your emails so we can exchange any writing or ideas we want to share with each other.

Synopsis of the meet:

We started with a discussion of 2 ideas: what is a myth to each of us and what were the expectations each person had from the group.

We also discussed the reading list. The plan is to first learn the different perspectives in the study of myths developed by various people in different disciplines. And once we have a firm grounding in those perspectives we will start actually reading & examining myths and developing our own unique perspective to these myths .The first book ("Myth: A very short introduction to myths - Robert A Segal") we have identified to be read towards achieving this goal.

To make these meetings more relevant and exciting we are also going to invite people from different walks of life to talk to us; people from the worlds of dance, art, music, psychoanalysis, shamans, movies etc. The last (movies) we will play out through a complementary relationship with Derek's Saturday Lima Dreamers group where one of the methods he is using is discussing movies. As we immerse ourselves in the language of myth we will be able to discuss these movies with more insight and understanding.


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