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Online Editor (Lima)

Red Pen Bristol (RPB) proofreads and edits the academic texts (mainly essays and dissertations) of second-language graduate students studying abroad. Our editors perform the primary edit on all incoming documents using Word’s “Track Changes” tool. Applicants need a strong grasp of English grammar.

Responsibilities: Editors “accept” or “decline” project offers via a smart phone app. If a project is accepted, the editor proofreads and edits the document using Word’s Track Changes program. Documents often have severe English problems, with experienced editors averaging 1,500 to 2,000 words per hour.
Pay: $4US Dollars per Protected content to start. Rush projects (returns in 36 hours or less) are at $6 per Protected content . Payments are made via PayPal. Typical projects are 2,000–25,000 words. Position requires ~4 hours of unpaid, online training.

Location: Remote. Editors train and work entirely online.

Hours: Flexible. Any offers can be “declined” without repercussions via the smart phone app. Offers are available sporadically throughout the year.

•Native English speaker (esp. familiarity with British English)
•Access to Word (ideally familiarity with “Track Changes”)
•A smart phone (Apple or Android)
•Complete or nearly complete undergraduate degree (esp. graduate degree, any subject)

Desired Competencies:
•Love of grammar and open mind toward learning more about English
•Detail-oriented nature and absolute dedication to deadlines
•Courage in facing new vocabulary or jargon
•Confidence in reading skills even when content is dense or new
•Patience with extracting meaning from convoluted/garbled English writing

To apply:
Send an email with the subject “Editor Application: [Your Name]” to Protected content . It should have the following THREE things.

1. The test paragraph below, copy/pasted into a Word document, proofread/edited in British (“UK”) English using Word’s “Track Changes” tool, attached as a .doc or .docx document.

During the Protected content , East Asians grew faster than any other region of the world. East Asian region became a significant area, not only in terms of economy but also political and cultural. (Aden et al Protected content , p. Protected content are two major players; China and Japan. For a about a decade, they had a relatively harmonious relationship and economic and political cooperation growed (Thomson, Protected content , p. Protected content . As Smith et al notes, China needed foreign capital and advanced technologies to develop their economy and Japan needed large market and cheap workforce to maintain their stable economic growth Protected content p. 92). As two countries with mutual national interests, a stable bilateral solidarity was made between China and Japan in Protected content .

There is more than one correct way to edit the paragraph! Like most texts with RPB, this text (or this excerpt from it) is using parenthetical referencing. Regarding citations, RPB is most interested in achieving consistency as efficiently as possible: APA, ASA, and Chicago (Author-Date) are good examples of common author-date formats. Do not delete the page numbers.

2. Your resume or CV as an attachment.

3. In the body of the email, instead of a cover letter, state in Protected content what subject areas and what length of texts you’d most like to read. Then confirm that you meet the requirements (“I meet the requirements.”). Editors usually learn to deal with all subjects with RPB, but we especially appreciate experience in our main 13 subject areas.
Subjects: Protected content , Economics, Accounting; Protected content & Business; Protected content & Policy; Protected content (5) Engineering & Computer Science; Protected content (Medicine, Biology, Chemistry); Protected content (8) Marketing & Media Management; Protected content Studies; Protected content & Translation; Protected content (Climate / Environment); Protected content Analysis; Protected content & Psychology

Text lengths: Short (3,000 to 6,000 words); Medium (7,000 to 12,000 words); Long (13,000 to 20,000 words)

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