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´Poor´ expats (Lima)


I´d like to start a conversation about/with ´poor´ expats. Foreigners working at local Peruvian companies, earning a local Peruvian salary.

I feel like most vocal members here are expats who don´t even blink at adverts for renting ROOMS at $ Protected content month. Which is ridiculous, really. This being a real example of an actual post on the Housing Forum of this site. But this is not the reality of Peru. Other than the fact I can´t even begin to pay these kind of prices, I feel like this is an example of the way Expats tend to isolate themselfs from the reality of the country they are living in.

This can become a very lenghty discussion, but I´m really just interested to know if there are more, like me out there, who are foreigners but don´t live like foreigners. So, if that´s you: leave a comment!

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