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Position wanted: Various - HR, PM, Sales/Market et (Lima)

Im now living in Perú and i am a qualified hypnotherapist psychotherapist with 12 years of psych nursing exp and 20 years counseling exp in Australia. I am an expert in NLP (Bandler and Erickson) and overt /covert hypnosis. I also have Sales, Marketing, Management, Project management and IT system admin skills (two MCSE's), learning Spanish at present and also an internationally recognised TESL Course from Australia (external).
Ideal Positions:
HR - Recruitment and or staffing management.
Project management especially human resource based.
Project management IT systems in infrastructure, planning etc.
Sales/Marketing (all areas) except low positions that would under utilize my skills).
Problem solving and conflict resolution positions.
General management positions that require good organizational, human resource, team and relationship building etc (esp sales/marketing/IT)
Web and graphics: Have a fair ability in Web design and Adobe Photoshop and use Google analytics, add words and CEO optimization.

My strengths include a partial didactic memory and high IQ. This is also my weakness as I may become bored easily if the position lacks challenges.

Despite not being fluent in Spanish I have a lot of experience working with non English speaking backgrounds. I am Studying Spanish and TESL at present.

Please contact me on Protected content for more information. I would prefer we have an informal conversation prior to presenting my CV. It is extensive due to the various roles and cannot be summarized in the standard 3 pages .
My business in Australia was hosted at hyyp:// with matching facebook and twitter pages. (bmhypnotherapy). I also own / au etc.

Also I have the advantage of a spouse visa and this gives you the advantage of knowing I will hold the position for an extended period ensuring your investment in training is optimized and realized.

Brett Moore RN MHN GDipMHN MCP Cert Hypno Counseling et al,

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