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Recommended English Institutes (Lima)

Hello Fellow Internations members:

I'm the typical foreigner that is new to Peru that is slowly trying to establish themselves here and like so many others, I'm looking into working as an English Teacher. I'm an in the typical situation of I don't have a work permit and will be limited to working at a language institute that likes to hire native speakers.

My question is this. I've been warned that you have to be careful for what sort of company you work for. The stories of places that don't pay their employees for awhile, give them crazy hours, or make them travel far for one hour of work. I have looked, and looked, and LOOKED on the internet, and have found some places that are recommended over others. The problem is, these postings are easily Protected content old, and knowing how things are in Lima, a lot can change in that time. Some of the recommended companies I don't think even exist anymore. I know the Ultimate Guide to Teaching English is a good reference, but I don't think that has been updated for several years now also.

So with that being said I'm reaching out to the more experienced Expats and asking if there are companies they could more recently recommend or not recommend. And if you want to take this moment to vent about the world of teaching here in Lima, you may do that also.

Good Companies: Euroidiomas

Bad Companies: Langrow or is it Lancoach

There's others that are always posting openings, but I'm apprehensive unless it's a good one.

Thanks so much!

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