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Volunteer Coordinator Position-Volunteer (Lima)

Express Connect S.A.C is a Social Enterprise owned by Canadians living in Lima, Peru. We provide free services for low income children, youth and families so they can improve their skills and increase their opportunities.

We are providing a free of charge “Raise Awareness Campaign for Schools and Orphanages” for self-esteem, life skills, coaching, leadership, financial independence, depression, abuse, violence, bullying and addictions. We visit students and teach about these topics in English and Spanish.

We also provide other free services for low income families like: one on one life skills coaching, free counselling, free English workshops, Social Tourism, etc. We do not charge volunteers to volunteer with us like other organizations in Peru do. We can also provide accommodations for our volunteers.
Volunteers are welcome to stay with us or find their own accommodations.

We are located in a nice and safe area in La Molina, Lima, Peru.
Volunteer hours are flexible: We have on call, part time and full time positions, please write to inquire about how you can help.

Volunteer Coordinator Position
To plan and facilitate volunteer recruitment, intake, interview, supervision, recording of hours, support volunteer trainings, create and implement plans regarding volunteer engagement, retention and in some rare cases dismissals. Generating appropriate volunteering opportunities and role descriptions based on the needs of the organization. Monitoring, supporting, motivating and accrediting volunteers and their work.
Commitment: Twenty hours a week. Most work from home. Reports to Program Coordinator.

1.- Interview
2.- Three references (professional or volunteer)
3.- Free training for our Raise Awareness Campaign Educators/Facilitators and Volunteer Coordinator
4.- Police Check
5.- Sign a Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Agreement
6.- Shadowing (when visiting the schools after passing the interview, police check, references, confidentiality and conflict of interest agreement)
7. - English and/or Spanish speaker

• A letter and certificate after six months of volunteering in our Social Enterprise. Letters previous to that date are also provided but volunteer hours will be specified before the six month period

• Opportunity to gain an insight into the running of a unique Peruvian Social Enterprise

• Additional experience developing valuable skills.

• The opportunity to take the lead on a specific project for the right intern

• Free Training during April each year. Volunteer gathering/trips at least once a year

• Developing other skills, getting to know people, participate in some tours when space/seats/availability allows it, practice Spanish with other Spanish speaking volunteers

• After one month of volunteering, two free visits a month to a Medical Health Center (not including medicines) while volunteering with us

• Motivation and sense of achievement

• Career exploration

• Personal growth

• Have an impact on people’s lives

We offer a respectful working environment in a safe area in La Molina, Lima. Volunteers can use our Resource Centre with free phone calls to the US and Canada, high speed internet and free Wi-Fi. We speak English and Spanish and have native English speaking staff on site.

Please send us your resume to:
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North America: 406.266.2119/773.747.7029
Peru cell: ( Protected content ) Protected content
Peru Office: ( Protected content ) Protected content
For more information on our Services, please visit:
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