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problems with parking space (Limassol)


Could anyone help me with a good piece of advice?
I've faced I problem. I own the apartment in Limassol and a parking slot in the yard of our complex. I've been struggling for it for a while. Before it was taken by our neighbors, but we had not been in cyprus for a year.
Then we came and through the property management company solved this problem. Neighbors stopped parking on it and there appeared a sign - number of our apt., that this is our slot.
Not long a go, a parking spaces marking was remade. And our parking slot was assigned to another apt. However, I hold a Title of Deeds in which it is stated that it is our space and there a plan with parking slot assignment.
Currently, I'm not in Cyprus, But there is a friend of mine residing in our apt. I want to complain distantly. Am i right considering that I should solve this issue with our property management company??

Thank you in advance!!

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