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SMALL JOB - sending / receiving letters (Limassol)

Dear all,

We are looking for new participants from Cyprus for our new postal project.

Let me tell you, who we are. QENSIO is a market research agency that carries out studies to measure the transit times of international letters. Postal services such as the German Post Office/DHL and several international companies rely on the results of such studies to assess their performance as well as to optimize their

As sender your task would be going to the post office few times a week and sending a letter.

For each letter sent or received our participants get bonus points credited to their personal accounts. These points can be cashed in our Shop to premiums (Amazon-coupons, CDs, DVDs, books, toys, electronics etc.).

You don't have to buy stamps or prepare anything!

If you want to collect more bonus points, you could also act as a receiver in our standard studies. This participation is very easy. Our participants receipt up to 5 test letters (just normal letters) per week and report back the delivery date online, on our Website.

To register, please visit our website under: Protected content

The registration is free and without obligation.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,


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