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Budget for Linz

Moving to Linz shortly so I'm currently trying to get an estimate on my budget. Considering I'm not only new to Linz but to Europe as well my current estimates are not particularly useful. If you don't use a budget but do have an estimate expense range to any of the following items it would be very helpful as well. Here's what I would love to know:
- Grocery shopping budget per person.
- Household items or supplies (i.e. cleaning and laundry)
- Public Transport if living in Linz. We are a family of five so any info on family tickets would be great. Routes include Pasching for work and JKU.
- Utilities, I know some rents include this but I'm not sure what are all the services that need to be considered. Looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment.
- Medical: If there are costs associated to medical expenses for RWR card holders.
- Communication: Cell phone fees.
- Personal such as gym memberships.
I know most of these depend on your life style and preferences but a point of reference is nice to have. Thanks a bunch.

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