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Advice on where to live in Lisbon please!

Hello guys,

I just posted this in the Town Talk section but perhaps it's more appropriate in the Expat Q&A part instead!

We'd really appreciate some advice!

We are moving to Lisbon at the end of this month and my husband will be working for TAP at the airport. Our children will be attending 2 schools in the Cascais area - one in Birre, the other in Areia. My husband is a surfer and I'm a lover of culture and the outdoors.

We've got temporary accommodation in the Cascais area for the first month.


Where would you recommend that we find a house, as work calls us to one end of Lisbon, and schools call us to the other end!

We're a bit concerned about commuting times - where are the best places for my husband to commute from in the Cascais area, to the other side of Lisbon, with about an hour's travel time (or less!!)?

What's Areia like? I'm not really a living in isolation kinda girl, and do really like walking, using public transport, and having shops, cafes etc nearby, rather than having to drive everywhere.

I do hope you can help and hugely appreciate any advice!!

Emma x

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