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Daily Telegraph research project interested ? (Lisbon)


My name is David Goulden and I am a Researher for the Daily Telegraph in London.

At the moment I am conducting research into the British Expat community in Portugal for an Ebook that we are going to create.
This Ebook will essentially be guides for people who are thinking of potentially coming to live In portugal. This guide will cover many important
topics such as Health, Education, Culture, Politics, Best Places to live etc..

What I need is any willing volunteers who would like to be in this guide as a Case Study. This would entail me asking a list of questions about life in Portugal
how you have found it here etc or whatever else you might want to suggest to me. This interview would go into the Ebook along with a picture and be published
online and as an App on an Ipad.

This sort of information would be tremendously helpful to me and would be very beneficial for potential Ex-Pats who want to understand the country from people who
live here.

If you would be interested in this proposal or would like further infromation on the guides we have done so far please message me on my profile page or email me at Protected content

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