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We provide a unique and fun way to experience the individual character of Portuguese culture. Different and distinctive from large, impersonal group tours, we'll take you on chauffeured journeys through the most historic and thriving neighborhoods. Each tour can be tailored to your interests,

We are proud to offer fully-escorted Sidecar tours throughout all the seven hills of Lisbon.
We will take them beyond the usual tourist spots that bus and walking tours usually miss. Sidecar motorbike, is the perfect way to really experience the diverse neighborhoods of the city.

On a sidecar tour, you will feel as though you are really part of the neighborhood. On a walking tour, your feet just get tired and you are limited in how much you can cover. On a bus tour, you merely watch the city go by, usually from a window.

We feel certain you will leave with stories and photos that even the “natives” do not know about, and it is our main goal that at the end of your trip, you leave with a sense of the city, and a greater knowledge of the city and its culture.

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