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How to get MY career opportunity? (Lisbon)

Hello everyone!
Let me share with you some thoughts on this subject.

When it comes to get OUR career opportunity, being the search because:
- You moved to another country to accompany your spouse in an expatriation process;
- You interrupted your career because of your children or a member of your family needed your temporary assistance;
- You left your previous Company, because it went on restructuring, or you could not stand working there any longer;
Many of us start looking at job advertisements and sending curriculums and stand waiting for the interviewer call.
But…should this step be the starting one?
Let’s think together:
How did your feel on your last job? Were you happy? Were you able to use your unic skills, or you felt kind of misadjusted and having to put lot of energy to succeed?
Was that the job that you choose? Or it was the job that you felt it was aligned with social or family demands and expectations?
Did you feel often like the time just flew without you had the chance to notice, because you were so absorbed on your work?
Did you come home in the end of the day smiling because you did a really good job, you did the difference that day and scored a “bunch of points”?
Most important, did your job and Company allow you to live your own core values?
These are some of the questions we should ask to ourselves before starting the search.
Finding your new job is not so different from launching a new product in the market. We need to brainstorm, avoid old beliefs, break boundaries, analyze market opportunities, build a vision, transform it into a goal, and then set a plan to achieve it.
To put the plan in place, we’ll need to define smaller steps, timings and resources needed.
Finding a coach to support you can make this easier and more effective, but, should this not be the right moment for you to initiate a coaching process, at least think about these questions on your own.
Also take into account your public image: your curriculum, your linkedin profile, facebook page, or other public profiles should be carefully analyzed. It's important to put ourselves in the employer /client shoes and think: what kind of profile are they looking for the job I'm targeting? Am I passing that image through my public profiles?
Photos of amusement moments, beach poses do remember you of good moments you live. But if you are looking for becoming a lawyer or other job from a more formal area for example, think twice if the employer would like to hire someone with those photos on their profile.
Mobilize your contacts, your former employers and colleagues, to endorse you for your good job. Let them know your objectives. Promote your target within them. Put energy on your target and see that things start happening!

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