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Insurance for Valuables outside the house (Lisbon)


Hi, I'm wondering whether what I have been told is true; that there doesn't exist in Portugal insurance for valuables, such as jewellry, outside of the house.

If you get robbed at home, fine. If you get mugged on the street and your Rolex & diamonds are taken, hard cheese.

I've been around 3 or 4 different agencies and they all tell me the same thing. Sounds odd to me. I don't have €€€€'s of stuff, but what I do have is valuable and are hierlooms. But I'm reluctant to wear stuff if the possibility exists that there's no insurance payout waiting if I have things taken from me once I'm on the streets.

I think there's a market for this type of insurance. What do the grande dames of Lisbon do when they go out for the evening? I'm sure they're not riding the metro!


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