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LCA, environmental impact @ consultancy/research (Lisbon)

Hello, community! As my girlfriend dragged me from the beautiful Swiss grey to this dreadful sun here, I am now searching for a job in the greater Lisbon area.

I'm a computer scientist who worked for the last three years in the field of ICT and sustainability, doing environmental impact analyses of ICTs (e.g., environmental impact of the Internet in Switzerland) and studies about possible ICT-induced energy efficiency across the society (which, in fact, I came to be rather skeptical about).

Am interested in a position with a research institute, environmental consultancy, or engineering office, doing LCAs/MFAs, environmental impact assessments, scenario analyses, etc. ICT can, but must not be involved, as methodologies and approaches are rather independent of the object of study. And no, I will not be your Java developer or iPhone app programmer, thank you very much.

Quite experienced in working in interdisciplinary teams, in EC-funded research projects, and a rather prolific writer - my Protected content have been cited some Protected content , according to the (google-scholar-based) "publish or perish" tool.

Native Romanian and German, fluent English, okay Portuguese but certainly not good enough for scientific work.

Yes, I know there could be better times to search for a position in Portugal. But then, there could be worse places, right?

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