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Looking for a small space in Lisbon Center

Hi everyone!

Since last summer I moved to Portugal, so my little daughter can live close to her portuguese father. I've seen a lot in Portugal over the last 6 years and I really love this country!

Since 2 years (after many years of searching, studying, workshops, webinars and my own personal and spiritual growth and exerience) I started giving Yin Yang therapy and grouptherapies (Satsang) in the Netherlands with a practice in my house or renting a space in a spiritual center. Now I moved to Portugal I started completely from scratch again, but I can see the people here also really benefit from it and they love it.

Therefor, I decided to face my fears and dare to ask... If there would be anyone interested in helping me?
I'm looking for a small space in the center of Lisbon to give my individual therapies, because I believe with all those people there, coming from all over the world, I can make a kickstart to my company. Besides that Im sure that I can make a huge difference for everyone that joins my therapies and let them leave Portugal completely renewed! After that Im also able to provide other therapies and workshops, because for me its all about soul empowerment!
For now if you have a small space you dont use, I would love to use it for a couple of hours per day, for 3 or 4 days per week, untill I can afford really renting a space.

If you could help me in any way or like some additional information, you are more than welcome to contact me!
(Ofcourse I will offer you free therapy, so you can experience it by yourself before anything!)

Thanks a lot, wish you all a great day!


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