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Nice location for a small, informal event (Lisbon)

Good morning everybody,

I have a question, let's see if you can help :-)
Suppose you have to organize a small, informal event (let's say for Protected content and you would like to reserve a table in a nice location that respects the following criteria:

- Comfy place (like a pub or cafè) where people would be able to pleasantly converse in a relaxed atmosphere (no loud music then)
- Adequate room / capacity, since you don't want partecipants to be canned like sardines (would be even nicer something like a separate, small room with enough space to accomodate all the partecipants)
- Central location, easy to reach with public transport
- Affordable prices (not fancy but also not too cheap)

What would it be your choice? All suggestions are welcome :-)

Thank you for your time, have a nice Sunday!


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