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Opening a non profit organization in Portugal (Lisbon)

Hi Everyone.
I hope someone on here could help me through a few of the many bureaucratic difficulties by giving me some advise on this.

I am completely aware of the current laws on opening a regular business as well as transferring a company to Portugal as we have already done that with our Engineering business and it was pretty straight forward.

My questions if regarding opening a non-profit organization. As a company and Professionals we as a group have decided to start this non profit organization in order to donate our time in making a change within areas we believe in.

So I do know I would have to open a cooperative and the apply for a non profit status. It is at this point where things are starting to get a bit hazy and I cant find any straight forward information either besides "go speak to a corporate lawyer which would of course cost another few hundred Euros"

Could someone tell me:
1: What the proper process is to open a non-profit Organization in Portugal?
2: General cost for opening a non profit
3: waiting times to receive this elusive non profit status.

any other comments regarding this process will be greatly appreciated.

It would be our first option if not we would open the organization in Canada and transfer here

Kind Regards


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