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Pet sitting services (Lisbon)


Animal Hotel in Benavente (near Vila Franca da Xira and within easy reach of Lisbon and more importantly the airport!)

Are you looking for a safe and fun place for your animal to stay while you are spending time away from home?
Our Animal Hotel, situated in the beautiful Ribatejo countryside at the entrance of Benavente caters for all types of animals, dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, hamsters, birds, you name it...

We cater for all your special needs: animal and human!

Would you like to receive regular pictures of your animal while you are away? Would you like to call and talk to me daily because you simply need to know that everything is going well? I more than understand and want you to be completely relaxed about your animal´s stay with us.

Does your cat need loads of cuddles and attention, a space on my lap on the couch, or a place to curl up to in bed? Does your dog follow a certain food or excercise regime? Does your horse need daily and professional grooming, excercising (riding, lunging or turning out) or just to be given its special treat?

Our animal hotel consist of our three bedroom farm and large fields / garden. Super secure as it is completely surrounded by a high wall and only accessible through our electric gate that makes it impossible for your loved ones to escape in an attempt to reunite with you, or worse be stolen! Obviously this does not apply to cats or rodents, they always find a way, which is why I would not let them out of my house unless you specifically instruct me too.
I and my boyfriend (who is portuguese and a professional horse trainer) have loads and load of experience looking after animals and are the very proud and loved up owners of two happy horses, four amazing dogs, three crazy chicken and one wonderful but very attention seeking cat. And we still have loads of more love to give to your special friend.

There are no minimum or maximum stays, please get in touch if you would like to talk to me or come for a visit before you make up your mind.

Many thanks for looking!

Have a wonderful day.

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