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Social security withdrawal (Lisbon)

I am an Indian citizen and working in Portugal for the last 2 years. Now we are planning to return back to my home country.
I have been paying social security for past 2 years here in Portugal. Now since i am going back to my home country, can somebody help me out to find answer for below queries related to social security:
1. Can I withdraw the complete social security money (including pension,gratuity and employer contribution and employee contribution..) in Portugal now?
2. If not completely, Can i at least withdraw my contribution to social security? What i read many online forum is that it is not possible to withdraw pension and gratuity until you are 67yrs old.
3. Can I Transfer this amount in Portugal social security system to Indian social security system. (Up to my knowledge, there is no such agreement till now). If possible, what are the procedures?

Looking forward for your comments/suggestions.

Thank you,

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