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Sul do Lisboa (Lisbon)


I am thinking of relocating to south side of the river. I have conflicting advice.
I work in Alges and will travel daily. But I want for my family a more rural lifestyle.
We like going to the beach, surfing, horse riding, walking, cycling (once I fix all the mysterious flat tyres) and peace and quiet. But we also like good transport connections, me to have more time with the family and so on.

So I am looking into the possibility of location Alcochete, Pegoes, Pinhal Novo.
Alcochete is lovely town close to Vasco da Gama bridge if I drive veryday...or I can get a ferry or bus then metro and bus.

Pinhal Novo looks promising...connection by train to campolide? then metro/bus to Alges.

Commuting by scooter....not sure about motorbike, maybe too much for me. Or bycicle even in the summer?

For a house I really want one with plenty of outside space and Portuguese dont do that. South of the River is cheaper for me.

Also I have my capital in property already so am looking for possible mortgage solutions based on that. Or renting initially then buying once my capital is free to use.

Lots of wants and I am determined to get what I want.

Also looking at Mafra, it would be easier drive but is the traffic really so good?


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