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URCS-INC. CANADA - offers urgent favourable labour (Lisbon)

URCS-INC. CANADA - offers urgent favourable labour contracts (including services to
obtain Canadian residency) excellent working conditions and wages for the following position:

· Meat and poultry factories
· Agriculture
· Housekeeping houses and hotels
· Horticulture
· Construction and shipbuilding

· Engineers and mechanics
Carpenter (O.T) 72 months experience
Electrician (C.T) 72
Ironworker (C.T) 72
Welder (C.T) 54
Heavy Equipment Technician 72
Heavy Equipment Technician : Heavy Duty Equipment Off Road 54
Heavy Equipment Technician: Transport Trailer 36
Heavy Equipment Mechanic Truck & Transport

We are URCS, are here to make the transition of skilled workers easy, simple, convenient and affordable. We are entirely committed to serve you and your applicants ensuring total satisfaction and reliability.
We manage a huge number of new employment opportunities in Canada. Our forte is in recruiting foreign skilled Workers.
Join our enthusiastic and dynamic team for your professional development!

Ideal candidate must have:
· Comprehensive understandings in the Areas detailed above, is mandatory a very good standard of English.
· Qualified trades described above, willing to improve, with team spirit, openness guidance, ability to meet deadlines
· Able to work Independently and efficiently to meet deadlines;
· Self motivated, detail-oriented and organized;
· Good working attitude and enthusiasm.
· To show initiative in the industry, professionalism and loyalty
· Dynamic, physical endurance, responsible, serious and extremely meticulous, self-discipline and teamwork

Please send Your CV and a cover letter in English, accompanied by the relevant

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