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Welcome to tomorrow! (Lisbon)

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I would like to invite you to the event "Welcome to Tomorrow" which will take place on Friday the 28th of May in Twin's Lisboa.

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Between 21h and 23h there will be short presentations of the three companies Arqueonautas Worldwide, Aurora Royal Resorts and YDreams, as well as the first public appearance of the association ADIPIB (Associação para a Defesa dos Interesses de Pequenos Investidores em Bolsa). Finally Public Research will explain the details of the competition “Welcome to tomorrow” where the winning company will receive a participation of 100.000€ arranged by Public Research.
At the end of the official program at 23h there is enough time for networking or just enjoying the Club which will be open until 4h in the morning.

The objective of this event is building the bridge between investments in general and the public by hosting a series of lifestyle events where selected companies present themselves in a non-binding and innovative way.

“We want to show that monitoring companies and maybe investing can be part of a smart lifestyle. Even nowadays. Therefore we have chosen three outstanding Portuguese companies.” explains Alexander Coenen, Managing Director of Public Research Lda. the concept of “Welcome to tomorrow”.

Arqueonautas Worldwide is a Madeira based company discovering sunken treasure for more than 15 years. The audience will see not only breathtaking pictures and movies about the work under water but also coins and other artefacts already recovered. For sure manager Nikolaus Graf Sandizell will reveal some of the secrets of the under water world.

Aurora Royal Resorts presents the real estate concept of tomorrow, creating Private Residence Clubs in the Algarve where property owners can enjoy a millionaire’s lifestyle for a fraction of the costs. Marcel Sanders, CEO and founder, will explain how that works and why his concept could be the loophole of the crisis.

The third highlight is definitely the world premier shown by António Câmara, Chief Executive Officer of YDreams, the most known Portuguese Think Tank. He will present the future of augmented reality and his audience will be able to make an unbelievable journey in the virtual world. C.S.I. and Matrix have been yesterday. YDreams welcomes us to tomorrow.

“Innovative and unique concepts have always been successful, but if we want the public to participate in that potential as well we have to create trust and transparency” notes Fernando Gomes, Director of the association A.D.I.P.I.B.. He will show how the association wants to support the Portuguese shareholder culture and which steps therefore are scheduled.

In the last speech before the big come together Alexander Coenen will announce the details of the 100.000€ contest where Portuguese Entrepreneurs can compete by delivering their business plans for a participation of 100.000€, the compilation of a professional Research Report (Coverage) and the organization of roadshows to international investors. “We strongly believe that the crisis has always been an excellent opportunity to invest in selected companies and we are dedicated to invest in the Portuguese market” finalized Alexander Coenen the idea behind this contest.

About Public Research Lda.
Public Research is a full-service provider for corporate entities offering participations, company valuations, the organization of roadshows to international investors, public- and investor relations.

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