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Where to live? (Lisbon)

I have been living in Portugal for about one year. Renting close to Lisbon. I also traveled and have seen apart every part of Portugal.

My intention was to decide where I would like to live. As an immigrant I wanted to find the place where I felt most at ease and comfortable. The problem is that if I follow this theory I could end up with 6 different houses around the country- Portugal has so much to offer and have so many beautiful places that it is making it extremely difficult to make a decision.

I do love Lisbon , but as I grew up in a farm I am not the big city type of person, nor does partying every weekend interest me much. I enjoy the outdoors and extreme sports.

I have thought about living a bit further away from major centers but I'm afraid of distancing myself from interaction with people my age Protected content 37
I am single and still want to be able to meet people.

I enjoy the algarve but summer flooding of expats and drunk kids is just irritating.

Any advice ????

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