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Work Permit in Portugal (Lisbon)

Hello guys,

Just wanted to ask something about this work permit in Portugal. The situation is that most of the job advertisements here in Lisbon ask for a work permit in the description part. Now, to apply for a work permit in Portugal, the Portuguese Consulate in Turkey asks for work contract. However, companies here ask for a work permit to apply for the job. Besides the work contract the Consulate also asks for many other documents related with your current company. In my case, as an unemployed person at the moment it is not possible to provide those documents unless I make it look like I am working in a company in Turkey and paying my monthly insurance payments.

What I need to know is did any of you dear expats encounter a situation like this and deal with it and are living in Portugal or any other country where you are counted as a non-eu citizen? Could you share your experience on this matter?

Thank you in advance and good luck to anyone dealing with administrative BS around the world!

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