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Work permit (job offered in portugal) (Lisbon)

Hi all,

I have been offered a job in Portugal, and now I have to secure a work or residence permit (I have a PhD, and I am Non-EU). My company has not done this before, so I think I will have to gather the correct information (they have not posted the job on labor website or anything like that).

1) Can someone elaborate on the process? From google, I have found that there could be two types of permits I can go for: A) work permit for job, B) highly-skilled permit.

2)Can you also tell me what my company needs to do, in order to have the work permit granted to me.

3) What I need to do should essentially be simple enough once the company takes the right steps. I should just take the contract and the proof company provides that why they need me, and that should be enough

4) Is this true that I will first get a 6 month visa, and once I am in portugal, I apply for work permit? This seems so risky, for instance if I odn;t get it then I am screwed.


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