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Native Spanish teacher offers Languages Classes (Liverpool)

Hello!! My name is Mari and im a 22 years old girl from the beautiful Andalusia. I just moved to Liverpool because I would like to continue my career and professional development in UK. I'm a person in development. I love foreign languages. It's amazing to communicate with a great amount of people and get to know new cultures.

My experiences include tutoring and working with secondary aged children, organizing daily activities, and keeping students organised and controlled.I am currently finishing my online Master in Teaching Spanish language and culture from Salamanca University , and I have a Degree in Modern Foreign Languages and Literature at Granada University, where my Maior language was Italian and my second language French. I got honors in Romance languages and I passed all my exams with great qualifications. I have also lived in Italy twice for more than one year and a half and I am really familiar with the country and the Italian community. I have also lived in Lausanne (Switzerland) for three months and I am really familiar with the country and the french community.
I have already done two Spanish courses in Italy where I had to produce and organised a class of young people aged Protected content .

I have also experience with children: I did private tutoring in Almeria (Spain) for 4 year where I helped children with English, French and schoolwork. I have worked as an au pair twice, once with an Italian Family in Sardinia (Italy) and the second one with an English family in Lausanne (Switzerland) where i had to babysit and teach spanish, french and english.

I have a lot of passion for the teaching profession. I have gained a wide range of skills such as having strong knowledge of particular subjects areas related to Spanish, French and Italian language (history, literature, music, art). I am an expert at establishing clear objectives for each lesson and then working to meet those specific goals.

I am very excited at the prospect of having a long lasting impact on the lives of those I teach, and want to be a teacher who pupils remember and cherish forever. I never underestimate the potential of my pupils and monitor them very closely for any signs that may demonstrate their ability or interest in a particular subject.

I hope you can give me the chance! :D

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