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Moving to...: questions about meds & vets, etc. (Ljubljana)

Dear all,

First of all please have my apoligies for my English, it's not my native language.

We're moving to Ljubljana for a year (or may be more) and thus I have several questions that make me worry a lot. Possibly you have some ideas where I can find the answers or may be you can share your experience in respective fields:

1. Re medical service: my 11 yo daughter have a Konig desease (i.e. osteochondritis dissecans: Protected content and now undergoes some rehabilitation after a surgery on her left knee. Where I can learn whether such rehabilitation is included in the regular medical insurance (or we need an extended package, and which one)?

2. We have several mice and rats (very cute) and one old dog. Would you advise a vet or a verinary clinic(s) that you have serious reasons to trust? It's especially important for mice & rats since they have many differences and prohibitions in treatment, and 'regular' vets may not have the necessary knowledge and/or experience to work with these anilmals.

3. Would you advise a real estate agent or agency whose service satisfies you in terms of a finding an apartment for rent (for at least a year)? I would like to find the one who/which try to truly help me in my search and not just to make money out of my task.

4. Would you advise a lawyer/legal firm dealing with expat issues whose service you particularly liked? I mean if i need a consultation re contracts, terms and modes of stay in the country, various papers and procedures, I would like to know for sure beforehand where to go.

Many thanks in advance for answers and advice.

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