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Needed: Network Attraction Marketers (Ljubljana)

$100 billion. More than Microsoft, Google, Ebay, Amazon, and Apple combined!!!@@@!%%%*!!!

Guess you're wondering what industry could possibly make so much. Well folks, it's the adult entertainment industry, that's what. Now this blog isn't to try to entice you to your neighborhood corner.....(I mean, the economy isn't that bad,) but it is too open your eyes about a new type of MLM that is out there. One (the only one of its kind for now) that combines the adult entertainment industry and, our old favorite, MLM.

Don't laugh...but here we go:

It's a $100 billion industry ($10 million per hour)!
600 million people around the world look at adult sites every month.
1 out of every 7 clicks on the internet is adult-related.
So this company has opened in 60 countries … from the US to India, England to Australia …making it a PERFECT online business.
Plus it currently has NO competition. None, Zilch, Nada.
It has TOP positions right under the Master Distributor –
It's a matrix that just launched on March 2nd.
Because the opportunity is so unique … it really gets people’s attention …and the response has been AMAZING!
For obvious reasons PRIVACY and CONFIDENTIALITY are always maintained by the company. Downline reports only show numbers. Distributor's Names, addresses, phone numbers, and/or emails are never seen by anyone.
Because of the privacy, a lot of top distributors from different companies are free to have some fun with this one ... AND DOUBLE THEIR INCOMES.

Protected content why not Profit from it?
Protected content not make money off of the adult industry as long as you don't have to be in the adult industry?

Here are some highlights

* * $100 Billion Industry with no MLM competition
* * Global from Day 1
* * Easy to enroll people online – No additional enrollment fee
* * Easy to retain people - $39.95 per month
* * Never been done before in MLM...EVER
* * Matching Bonus on everyone you enroll.
* * Unlimited number of people!

Here's the basic strategy:
It's a 3x9 FORCED matrix that pays about $24,000 per month when it is completely filled up. The average person will stay in just from the "spill over".
Importantly, it has a 100% Matching Bonus ... so it's a real recruiter's plan.
That means you and your contacts can make up to a $24,000 Matching Bonus PER ENROLLEE per month.

FIRST of all...If you find ADULTS' ONLY materials offensive,

<b>Please Delete, DELETe, deLETe don't go any further.

But If not...

Take my tour: Protected content (nothing explicit, just information about opportunity)
Then listen to the money call: Protected content
Then sign up for a trial: Protected content
And listen to the offer to be my 'Business Partner'

Once you enroll, the system will automatically generate a site for you.
Either way, please let me know what you think.
Best Regards,
Questions contact: Kim Richardson
skype: kim Protected content just reply by email

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