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55500 Pounds a good salary for London?



I have been offered a job in London with a base salary of Protected content . This is for an entry level position in a consulting firm and I was wondering whether this is a good salary to live on in London. Compared to Switzerland (where I am from) it is quite low, especially considering that taxes are more than double in London. I also heard that housing is ridiculously expensive in London. The difference in salary to Switzerland is justified with the lower cost of living. Is this really true?

Some more info:
- Job is in Central London (Tottenham Court Rd)
- It is a full time position with additional benefits (pension scheme, private medical and dental, phone, laptop, etc)
- I would like to commute no more than 30min, walking or biking distance to workplace is preferred
- My lifestyle is not over the top. Eating out a Protected content a week, not too much clothes shopping, vacations abroad 2x year
- I will be leading a long distance relationship so frequent travel to continental Europe will be the norm

Do you think I will be able to live comfortably with this salary in London? Will I be able to save some cash at the end of the month?

I really appreciate your inputs and experience about living costs in London. Thank you all in advance!

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