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6yrs clean ex Drug addict asking for second chance (London)

Im 28 with little qualifications due to my past, however im intelligent and very able. I ve worked most of my life in event security with my step fathers small business. My Father sold his majority share a year ago, giving me no employment. Since becoming free of my addiction, I ve got married and had three children whos ages are 3, 1 and 8 month old, the later being a hard earned miracle from heaven on his behalf as he was 15 week premature. I would so much appreciate any job vacancy so i can support my family the way they deserve. I am computer literate to a decent standard more so Im very capable in computer repair which i still practice in my local area, though as I have little other income, no business of my own and an already taken market in my area due to at least 20 pc repair businesses within 2 square miles, brings me little to no earnings. I have excellent people skills and have some experience in sales. Im a very capable team leader as when employed in event security had up to 25 individuals to oversee and delegate with sometimes numerous tactical positional changes to deal with all matter of outcomes, from riotous crowd behaviour to medical emergencies which i can complete confidently and swiftly. This will seem to most as sympathy luring but Im just being true and open, which is mainly me in a nutshell. Thanks to anyone who even just read down to here out of curriousity.
Barry Macmillan. Residing at Preston, Lancashire, NW England

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