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A cure for all human problems (London)

Who am I?
A loving human being with the passion to make a difference in people’s life .
What do I do?
I am pointing people toward the Truth. There are certain things about life ,about us, about our world that fall into the category : Things are true whether we see it or not. We use to believe that the earth was flat. Now we know that the Earth is round and this fact was true even before we understood. Another Truth is Gravity. Whether we see it or not, gravity does exist and we know that because of gravity we can confidently walk and the apple will fall on the ground, from the tree, with no doubt. Gravity is again an invisible and powerful fact about life. At the same time there are important Truths about the human mind, that exist and function within us, whether we know or see it consciously. These Truths, like gravity, already operates behind the scene. Realizing the their presence in our life will change our understanding of the world. Mind, Consciousness and Thought are the fundamental principles behind the psychological functioning of every human being. All have Mind, all have the ability to be aware of life through consciousness and every human being think. Or in other words, we live in the experience of our thinking. Our feelings and perceptions do not happen to us they are created within us. They are just thoughts in action brought to life in our consciousness. Its impossible to experience something without our thinking being involved. Many people make the mistake of believing that their moods create their thoughts, in reality is the opposite our thoughts create our moods. This is a fact and because it happens so fast we get the impression that is brought to us by the outside factors. We create our realities in our mind and think that they exist in the world, not recognising that they are just our thoughts. Once we see it for ourselves, the same way as we see the importance of Gravity, we will understand that all our problems are only illusion created by our thinking. For example, lots of people want to be more Confident or Motivated. They look for techniques that will make them more confident. Understanding these 3Principles we see that we are already confident, we were born with an innate confidence. All that is happening is, we have too much thinking around the Confidence which creates more insecurity and we are deleting the fact that we are very confident in many instances, exception when we are not.
What people will gain from this Understanding?
Few years back my life was in a mess. Depressed, stressed with a bonus of unhappy marriage. And when the pain level was 10 out of 10, with only “morphine” I could numb the pain, I started searching for techniques to keep me alive. I became a qualified Master Practitioner of NLP& Hypnotherapy. With the help of NLP techniques, I started to change my values, beliefs and controlling my thoughts. Until one day, when I saw the Truth and understood that if I continue controlling my thoughts I will have to give up my full time day job. This understanding freed myself and I saw how my own thinking created the reality I was living. My depression, stress vanished from my life. My relationship changed to a degree that we are more in love now, that at the beginning of our married life. My communication with people improved, I am more creative and clarity is my normal state. Life became richer and more enjoyable. And besides this all my unhealthy habits changed in a blink of a eye, no technique no pressure. All these changes happen in an instance, I didn’t need to go to Tibet or India in order to find myself and wisdom. All it took a simple understanding of how I create my realty and not get scared at my own thinking.
Easthern Philosophers believed that everything, Life, was a circle and naturally a circle has no beginning and no end. And at the centre of this wheel, lies our Free Will, our Choice to choose the life we want.

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