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A job/tutoing wanted (London)

Hello everyone,

Hmmm... Here I am to advertise myself again (like what I did back in Protected content .

OK, I am from Hong Kong and have a work permit which is valid up to 10/9/2016. I have finally landed in London last month. Well from the valid dates of my visa you can tell I entered here in September. But then right away I went to visit my friends in Nottinghamshire and Germany (actually they are more like my family, oh I miss them very much). So in the end I came back on 3/10. And after two weeks floating in different parts of London, I got a room now in Harringay. A little summary of my short past, thanks for reading.

Now a little about my past working experiences. Mainly I have only worked in education. I used to be an English Teacher in Hong Kong, with a few months and part time jobs as tutor (for all subjects but mainly Chinese, English and Maths). However, I was also highly responsible for interacting with parents as I was a discipline teacher as well. Therefore, delivering 'bad news' yet making the parents understand the vision and work of the school is to help their children was part of my duties. Often I had to face some challenging times and complaints while maintaining a friendly and professional image. Another main responsibilities were to take care of the resources of the English Department and to organize various activities in the whole school approach. Therefore, I am confident in keeping things very organized, communicating with different departments and working in a fast-paced and sometimes unpredictable environment.

On the other hand, I am also good at Chinese language (Cantonese and Mandarin). It is simply because I am analytic and good at working with system (grammatical and phonological). Recently, before I left Hong Kong, I had one-to-one private Chinese tutoring with two Japanese businessmen at weekend. They both commented that I was a very good teacher and gave very clear explanation that helped them understand very well. We enjoyed our classes and they both felt upset when I decided to come to London. We still stay friends (yes I am good at keeping friendship!). People in general find me comfortable to talk to in a short time. I am good at working with people.

So this is a slightly long summary of myself. :)
If there is any vacancy you know that suits me, please let me know!
I am interested in trying to work as a waitress or sales as well.

But if any of you would like to learn Chinese and/or English, feel free to contact me. We can discuss the details in private, eg. rate and level and meeting place. Up to now I still haven't found a job yet so I can still be quite flexible!

Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading!

Rain =)
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p.s. If you would like to hang out a bit I am also happy to do so. BUT due to the matching of my own habit and the living style of the old couple I am staying with (I pay rent but I respect), I have to reach home around 9:30pm the latest. :-/

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