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A once a year event not to be missed (London)

Just a suggestion but you might want to get off that computer chair for an evening, gather a few friends and nip over to the Free Concert at Protected content to help celebrate Protected content Day this Wednesday 21st September.

Organiser actress Lynne Hazeldene is looking for more party animals like you and maybe a few Musicians to jam. If you do a turn do please get in touch with Liz at : Protected content and get yourself on stage at one of the best music venues in London.

I've been to this event before in previous years and can tell you it's a high quality night out with an extra feel-good buzz and the venue is amazing. Be great to see you there :)

And there's no excuse! If you don't want to jump off that chair you can still join in by going on-line to: Protected content and chill out from right where you are still sitting....


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