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accountancy/auditing job opportunities in London


My name is Luca Perozzo.
I’m an Italian qualified accountant and auditor with almost fifteen years of professional experience and a deep knowledge of the Italian market.
I’m an associate at a local consulting firm, where I’m the main contact in corporate, tax and financial advice for a portfolio of about thirty clients across different sectors, and I’m in charge with insolvency proceedings and public sector auditing.
I’m directly responsible for a junior accountant.
My fields of specialization are extrajudicial and judicial insolvency management, forensic accounting and public sector auditing.
For family reason I’m going to move to London in the next few months. It’s an exciting challenge to take on for me and I’m sure It will give me so much in terms of professional and personal development.
During my professional experience, I have acquired a wide range of technical skills in accounting/auditing and insolvency management, as well as flexibility and marked penchant for teamwork mixed with a broad minded approach.
I'm currently looking for a full time accountancy/auditing position in London.
It would be perfect if you could share some useful contact with me!
Thank you in advance!

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